Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Day and Bits of Info.

Mother's Day weekend 2012.  One I will never forget.  I got to spend about two hours with the two coolest groups of people in my life.  My family and Third Day.  I really don't have the words to describe it.  So I won't try.  But I will share a few little highlights.

1.   We splurged on VIP tickets and were at the concert early.  While in line we met a fabulous couple who live in Vancouver.

2.  Brooke made a poster that said, "You Rock, Tai!" and he saw it and waved at her, and Koos just happened to catch it on video!  And by now everyone knows the sad story of the guitar pick, so I won't go into that again.

3.  We were in the second row, so Mac saw Delaena, Kael and Calahn all rocking out and having a great time and at some point in the show, pointed at, or gave a thumbs up or smile to each of them.  I managed to catch him smile at Kael on video too!

4.  Delaena seems to be a natural born rocker.  I think she maybe sat down twice during the whole show (all four artists).  We could barely roll her out of bed the next day!

5.  We had written out the lyrics to Show Me Your Glory, my favorite song, because sometimes if you have the lyrics for a song, Third Day will play it for the acoustic set.  Surprisingly, they played the acoustic set in the middle of the arena instead of on the main stage.  We were very far away and kind of sad, but someone else wanted Show Me Your Glory and Mac heard them yell it and they played it!!  It was as awesome as I thought it would be!

6.  Calahn fell asleep right near the end of the concert on my knee.  She was out like a light, but when the guys started playing Tunnel, one of our favorite songs, she jolted awake, rocked out to it and then passed back out on the chairs when it was over.

7.   On the very last song, the guys sang part of a tune that I was sure was by the Eagles, which totally took me back to my childhood.  Upon further investigation, I discovered it was indeed the Eagles, Seven Bridges Road!  Koos got that one on video for me!

8.  We met another amazing couple at the hotel (from William's Lake) the next day, who had also gone to the concert and loved it.  Had a great conversation with them, too!

Treasured family memories and new friends, what more could a Mom ask for?

Oh wait, there WAS even more!!  Rick and Deanna graciously fit a visit with us into their crazy busy schedule and just before we were ready to head for the ferry, who comes strolling up the hill?  Dan and SANDY!!!  My goodness, was it good to see her up and about!  Perhaps a little weak physically, but strong and encouraging in spirit.  The kids had a blast with the Bergen girls as always!  Knowing these two families has been such a gift to us.

On a bit of a general update note:

I connected with an inspiring lady here in town who was a missionary in Portuguese speaking countries for 30 years.  She is patiently sitting with me an hour a week while I butcher the language.

Just yesterday, Koos was asked if he would consider the manager position at the Lake Cowichan shop.  We will know the details by the end of May.

Brooke had a fantastic time with her Grandma, Uncle, Aunty and cousins in California.  The experience ignited a fire in her bones to travel, that is for sure!

And that is about it for now.  I want to keep this blog for family updates, but have been feeling like writing about other subjects, so I'm gathering the courage to launch another blog soon.  Keep an eye out!  Thanks for reading!

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