Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Very Special Family

Let me introduce you to a very special family that we get to hang out with most Sundays on Boys Road. They are Antoinette, John, Dante, Charlize, Bronson and Piper-rane and a new little brother or sister in December. Lillian and Glenn were at the river swimming when we took this picture, but I found some other ones I had of them. This brave family has made a decision that the enemy of our souls is not pleased with. They have made the choice to hang out with people who believe in and follow and speak about Jesus. So they need us to pray for them. I asked them if I could blog about their family and put their pictures up because that way they could be sure that people from Alberta, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and perhaps even the United States and Brazil would be praying for them. They need peace in their household, they need a complicated situation with one of their children resolved and mostly they need to know first hand how much the Creator loves them and how valuable they are in His kingdom and His plans for Boys Road and the Cowichan valley. The Kidzone van sets up literally right on their doorstep every week, so they are on the front lines and they need the support of other believers all over the world in this battle.

So, I am asking all of you who read this to please join us in praying for this family. I would love it if any of you who are praying for them and get any encouraging words or thoughts to share will let me know. I will be sure to pass your messages along.

Acts 4:24 - When they heard the report, all the believers lifted their voices together in prayer to God, O Sovereign Lord, Creator of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them...


  1. Folks like you are making a difference! Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm and caring! I will pray. God bless you all and them too and my they see and know His amazing work in their lives.


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