Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Ice Cream Scoop Then Facebook

It is a day for nostalgia. This morning on the way to church, Caitlind pointed out that it is the one year anniversary of our leaving Hay River. That caught me by surprise. A year, already?? Can't be, but it is.

We got in the truck and were all kind of wimping and whining about how 'chilly' it was this morning. The truck was telling us it was +18C. We have been wussified. Hay River would have probably been glad to see +8C today. I will admit, I don't miss Hay River much at all. The cold and wind and I never really did get along. But man, today, it struck me hard how much I miss the PEOPLE.

I guess if I am honest, I would tell you that probably until today, I have been kind of numb to that fact. We started this crazy adventure, and missing people is just a given. But today, a year later, I am not so numb. I guess the +18C has thawed me out. I miss my friends.

But I am glad to be doing this thing in the age of phones and Facebook. It takes a bit of the edge off I guess.

About nine years ago, a bouncy little
girl came to our door in Hay River to deliver an 'ice cream scoop' that Koos had bought from her for a school fundraiser. She must have chatted at the door with me for twenty minutes in -25C before I realized she wasn't going anywhere and invited her in. That was pretty much all it took. She became a fixture at our house. She would show up at my craziest moments and take the kids outside or sit with them while they bathed so I could have a breather. She was my 'rescue hero'. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have made it through some of Koos' shifts without her. And she was our babysitter. She handled pretty much everything our kids threw at her. She was more like a big sister than a sitter by the time we left. She encouraged me, even though she probably didn't even realize she was doing it. And then we left, and we all miss her. She's not a bouncy little girl any more, she's actually quite a stunning young lady now, and she managed to encourage me again. With a simple little message on Facebook. I was beginning to question God, feel sorry for myself. Why did He make us leave our friends, and in some cases, people who were more like family than friends? Then He used Kelsey to remind me that I should be seeing it as a blessing. We are in this age, where we can still encourage and cheer each other on, even if there are many, many miles between us. So those friends we left behind can still be a part of our lives.
A couple of days ago, we had a meeting with some people at New Life. And it made us realize that already, here in Duncan, we have the beginnings of a new family. God blessed us mightily with not only an amazing church, but a phenomenal school family in DCS. So quick, just like that, in a year. He knew there would be big holes in our hearts, leaving the people we love behind, and while the new people He has given us here will never replace the ones we had to leave, their care and concern for us will help ease the ache.

In fact, if I get really corny about the whole thing.
It looks like our hearts are going to have to get a whole lot bigger. To hold all the people He seems to be blessing us with.

We were looking through old Hay River pictures for a school project and that brought back even more memories. And then the day ended with a phone call with my best Hay River friend. And now, I will admit, I am crying. I really miss them, Tara and her boys and Kelly. And Bonnie and Randy and Colinda and Vee and Kierra and Mackenzie and Kellan and William and on and on and on.

So, I will be sad, and then I will be glad. That I live in this age. That He takes away, but that He also gives. I will be thankful for that ice cream scoop, which I still have, and all that it represents. But I will look forward too, and let my heart get bigger.

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