Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is just a quick update for those of you who like to know what's going on. The picture of the kids is them with their new sock monkeys. We have an incredible friend in Hay River who makes one of these little guys every day. She's been doing it all year! You can check out her blog if you don't believe me: Sock Monkey A Day. She sent us a huge box of the little beasties to hand out on Boys Road. Of course, we all had to make our own selections first!

On October 20th, Rick and Deanna Bergen hopped a ferry to come visit us on the Island and meet with the New Life missions board. One of the conclusions was that we will stay in Duncan until at least the fall of 2013. The main reason for this is that there have been / will be a couple of other families move down there recently / before us and it would be best for them to get settled before we show up too. And that usually takes a couple of years. We are actually quite excited to be able to settle down in Duncan. It really is a beautiful place. The only thing I am a little sad about (and I am the only one) is having to endure some more Canadian winters. I am really anticipating shorts and flip flops all year round! Caitlind put me in my place this morning when I was whining about the 'cold' and said, "Minus 5 or minus 35??" Okay, minus 5 it is.

Speaking of Caitlind. We got a crazy gift yesterday. She has been having a difficult time with French 30 to say the least. And we are coming down to the crunch on having to get it in. So yesterday we sat down (for some unknown reason) to look over her transcript, discuss requirements, etc and realized, that somehow, we overshot on the number of credits we had her doing and she doesn't even need French to graduate!!!! It was like the angels were singing in heaven. So then we were trying to arrange for her to write her departmentals for her other two courses. It is a mountain of paperwork and a lot of inconvenience to write them here because she is taking the courses through Alberta Distance Learning and we live in BC. Again, out of the blue, she says, "Do you think I could just fly back to Hay River and write them with this year's grade 12s?" "I don't know, phone and find out." The guidance counsellor at the school up there says, "I am just submitting the applications right now, the deadline is in 10 minutes." Unbelievable!! So in a matter of half an hour yesterday, we discovered that she is only two exams away from graduating, and avoided all the rigamarole we thought we were going to have to deal with to get those exams done. So, all that to say, she has no more assignments, work to hand in, questions to answer, etc. Some studying and a couple of exams and the long road to grad is DONE!!!

Since we've decided to stay in Duncan until 2013, we would like to buy a house again. There is currently one for sale right across the street from the kids' school. I would really like to get that one! We have to sell this one to get the down payment for that one and unfortunately what we have to sell it for is higher than what the market has it valued at right now. It is definitely going to have to be another God thing if it is going to work out.

Koos has been approached by Ekati to work up there again. He has gone for a few interviews around here, but the pay just doesn't quite cover a family of 6, or I guess 7, until we can get Caitlind settled with a job and her own place. If nothing comes up around here by the 27th, he will apply to Ekati.

I have been doing a bit of 'EA'ing at the school. That has been fun! I am officially on the Education Assistants on Call list now! Haven't had a title like that since before Brooke was born!

And that is about it. Sandy's cancer is a treatable one, so she is currently undergoing all her chemo. Her daughter has started a new blog about her journey: Cancer Wars.

Take care everyone. You know, we would love to hear how all of you are doing too! This is my email if you ever want to drop us a line: reintjes1991@live.ca.

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