Friday, July 27, 2012

Many Thanks

 Elli-Rose! One of our best buds from Hay River, here for a summer visit!

So it's been a month since my last blog.  The blog of desperation.  Today is a better day.  Here is the song I am listening to today.  You should give it a listen.  Not just because it is Third Day (although that should be reason enough), but because it is a really cool song:  Your Love is Like A RiverAnd this is the song that has helped get me through the last month and has helped make today a better day.  It is so true.  His love is never going to stop, no matter what circumstances we are up against.

The title of this blog is Many Thanks.  So I will get to that.  We have been encouraged way beyond words this last month.  Emails, phone calls, Facebook messages and even letters via snail mail!!  People have come over for coffee just to check up on us.  Wow.  More opportunities to be humbled and to learn to say thank you without squirming or flinching.  We are getting better at it.

I am just going to list the cool things that have happened.

1.  I have been initiated into the world of bank deposits via email.  That is a pretty neat system.  Friends and family have knocked back about half of our Visa balance all from the comfort of my desk chair and computer!  I can tell they all know I prefer to do my 'banking' in my pajamas.

2.  Conversely, even in this day and age of technology, we are so grateful for those diehards who write cheques and send them in the mail.  And the timing on those things has been amazing.

     We told Calahn we would take her to the beach for her birthday, only to realize we had no gas in the truck.  We were pondering what to do when someone checked the mailbox and of course there was a cheque in there.  We put gas in the truck and went to the beach for Calahn's birthday.

     Calahn and Kael got some dental work done.  I handed the debit card to the receptionist and wondered how this was going to work out, since our 20% was going to put us over the 'down to the penny' budget I managed to create.  We got home from the appointment, grabbed the mail and you guessed it, there was a cheque in there. 

3.  Friends have come to our door and said, "This cash was just in my pocket, it is yours."

4.  We've been handed envelopes of cash, by friends from themselves and by friends on behalf of others who wish to remain anonymous.  

5.  We found an envelope of cash in our mailbox with "For the Reintjes Family, Love Jesus" written on it.

     This one particularly impressed Kael,  "God really does know EVERYTHING!  He even told Jesus which mailbox belongs to us!"

6.  We've been given baskets and bags of fresh garden veggies and 'canned at home' goods.  We've been been given large coolers full of frozen meat and vegetables.  We've been given gift certificates for Walmart and Superstore.

7.  My child tax benefits have increased significantly (about time I see some payoff for putting up with these kids for so long).  Just kidding - I've learned my lesson about entitlement, remember?  But now there is a greater margin between our income and our expenses.  We have some more breathing room.

People have been praying for us and sending us encouraging scripture.  That is the most noticeable thing of all.  Even though circumstances haven't changed much, we have.  And that is always the point.

We've been humbled, but at the same time, graciously and abundantly provided for.  That is just how our God gets things done.  And though it seems rather inadequate we say again, 'thank you' to all of those who were obedient in playing a part.

And may your blessings be returned upon you a thousandfold.




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